Harrys Hardware is a wide-ranging, family business, which was established in 1991.

Over the years HH has developed a line of core products, with a luxury Bed and bath collection as its main concept. What started with a pajamas, today there is even a stoopl in its line besides bedding ,clothes and interiours. Harrys range of clothing includes jackets ,shirts,trousers and dresses-all suitable for the busy, modern woman.

"Timeless is something durable in color and shape. In my design I want to find solutions, a design that simplifies both shape and function, in colors that work well together. Put on a pair of slingbacks to Harry's famous Todi- Dress and go cocktail right after work if you want! "  A simple model with an open back, a sprint and with discreet pockets in the sides.

Comfort became the keyword! To create clothing that is easy to use and combine. Easy to pack for the trip and change from everyday to party.​

Marianne Eriksson is the owner of Harry's Hardware and has created a network of loyal Harrys customers through a personal customer contact. Her career in artistry began in London with a one-year training in pattern design, drawing and draping. In 1979, she started Indeco, Interior & Decoration, a home furnishing company, which she still operates under the name Meid AB. After years as a shopkeeper, she trained herself in spatial design and scenography, which eventually led to a new course, as a stage designer in commercials and interior designers at IKEA.

"Then, at last I understood what I could do with all my mixed skills!"

Today, Marianne works primarily with interior design assignments for private individuals and in the public environment. Harrys Hardware continues in the form of a pop-up store in Stockholm and Österlen. And the webshop of course.

Marianne also runs bed and breakfast at Österlen. It's a dream she always had - to give a combined experience of food and decor close to nature, the sea, beaches and forests.

"Living well is the best revenge."